Response to the Reading Eagle

For many reasons, people may not have access to the local newspaper. To help get the message out there, I’ve copied my responses to their questions below.

What issue is driving you to run for office?

This is the most transformative time for US education in a lifetime. The disruption due to COVIE we have all experienced presents an amazing learning opportunity to examine assumptions about educational policy and to make changes that benefit students and the community for decades to come.

The broad-scale adoption of online learning led us to one of three outcomes. It either worked better than education-as-usual, worse, or about the same.  Every one of those outcomes presents challenges and opportunities.  Maybe we have found a better way to deliver education at scale?  Or perhaps gaps in achievement and equity have widened, and we need to develop tangible strategies to close that gap quickly?

This drives me: the potential to create and shape a better system for our students, families, and community.

What are you learning when you talk to voters?

The voters I have talked to value two things: transparency and consistency.  They want to have access to all the information used to make decisions to understand the logic and rationale behind them. They want people to communicate directly with them, not at them.  The public is capable of handling nuance and the context; let’s share it.

Voters also value consistency, especially in messaging. This has been an extremely confusing time, with mixed messages coming from school leadership.  Rumors and half-truths spread fast through social media, and parents and concerned stakeholders are left with frustration and confusion. Therefore, decisions must be explained in the open and then disseminated in a clear, consistent, and accessible manner.

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